The Angband Ladder: Diramos, Half-Ogre Sorceror by <>

Posted on 14.4.2003 06:42
Last updated on 18.4.2003 02:36

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On 14.4.2003 06:42 wrote:
My first character to reach level 20 in ToME since I started playing around with it. I am enjoying the variety of race/class/skill combinations, and the variety of items. It will take a while to learn what is useful and what isn't. I seem to have reached the bottom of the Barrow Downs, so have started exploring farther afield.

On 14.4.2003 23:28 Mars wrote:
One general advice: you're playing a spellcaster so you're not meleeing. You can change your tactics to 'coward' in the character screen by pressing 't', thus getting a better saving throw and disarming.

On 15.4.2003 06:41 wrote:
Thanks. I fiddled with those settings briefly on one character, but haven't looked at them since.

On 15.4.2003 10:54 wrote:
grep that fated dagger, man! This thing gives you a nice Res you don't have yet.

On 16.4.2003 02:41 wrote:
Picked up the dagger, thanks. If I had known it would be as easy as walking down the stairs and picking it up I would have done it sooner. Now I need to figure out how to use those rings and amulets of spell. I can copy a spell into them, but can't figure out how to use it once it's there.

On 16.4.2003 05:48 wrote:
Made lvl 25, but can't teleport or phase door any more.

On 18.4.2003 02:36 wrote:
Scumming for FA, but left it too late. Discovered that Killer iridescent beetles paralyze.

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