The Angband Ladder: Randin, Dwarf Priest by Monkay

Posted on 15.7.2012 06:17
Last updated on 20.7.2012 00:08

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2998. on the Ladder (of 18806)
744. on the Angband Ladder (of 6393)
Second best for this player (out of 5)


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On 15.7.2012 06:17 Monkay wrote:
First Randart character.

On 15.7.2012 14:31 Malak Darkhunter wrote:
That's some cool randarts, makes me want to play a randart game after I get done playing my game.

On 16.7.2012 05:20 Monkay wrote:
Does anyone know how many uniques there are? I've come across 97 so far, and this was the first character to come across the Emperor Q.

On 17.7.2012 01:28 Monkay wrote:
Massive turn count, partially because Randin has a habit of surrounding village idiots with Glyph of Warding and throwing food rations at them.

On 18.7.2012 06:18 Monkay wrote:
Looking for Gods Wrath at the moment.

On 18.7.2012 06:18 Monkay wrote:
Looking for Gods Wrath at the moment.

On 20.7.2012 00:08 Monkay wrote:
Teleported into a group of Greater Balrogs. =(

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