The Angband Ladder: Acunnor, Wood-Elf Archer by <>

Posted on 8.4.2003 13:05
Last updated on 22.4.2003 21:50

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On 8.4.2003 13:05 wrote:

I found a staff of wish in the Halls. Now i will get a nice piece of dragonarmour. I also want to have a real sling, not a tiny thing i have now, but i dont know which one is the best :(

anyone an idee???

On 8.4.2003 14:30 wrote:
GOt myself a sling of Extra MIght. Its a very nice one. I can Greater Dragons with my Dragon shots. :)

On 9.4.2003 18:37 wrote:
Got out of the Halls. Did some very difficult quest. :)

Now I will save the city Gondolin. There is a chance thatt it will be the last day of my life. It will be a tough battle. Hopefully i will come out as a winner.

Did I already said i killed a Wyrm of Power in the Halls of Deadguys. :D

On 9.4.2003 18:45 wrote:
Just did the Ulik-quest. That was fun. Mister Big Troll was dead in three lovely shots. Didnt stand a chance against my nice sling an ammo. :)

Now I can fight the other army.

On 10.4.2003 16:51 wrote:
Got symbiosis, but why dont you get the resistance of the pets. That would be nice and you are wearing them. And they cant do spells or something like that whenn you wear them ??

And found the dagger Narthanc, it fun that it can lvl and gain new stuff. It fun. :)

On 22.4.2003 21:50 wrote:
im almost by Sauron, only 24 lvl more into the ground. :(

But i will need some other items, some with a nice healing activation.

And that Demonbreath is a real pain in the ....
A lot of potions a spoiled and i realy need them whenn i drink them (potion of healing).

On 22.4.2003 21:54 wrote:
Something else, the archer-class is real great.

You can do some real serious damage with a sling, my ammo has a max element damage of +3000. Is real nice shooting dragon down in one shot. :D

Other variants you didnt got real powerfull ammo, now you have..

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