The Angband Ladder: Ming, Half-Troll Warrior by <>

Posted on 13.5.2012 19:39
Last updated on 11.6.2012 19:26

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4653. on the Ladder (of 18813)
1677. on the Angband Ladder (of 6400)
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On 13.5.2012 19:39 wrote:
After my previous char died at 4500' partly because of low HP, decided to go on Half-Troll warrior! Pretty hard start on gear, with almost nothing found until 1250... however, picked up well since then and now with the latest amulet of trickery I feel like I am ready to continue diving fasT! I am just pissed I sold my (Dwarven) dragon mail which would be handy now together with Taratol once I found trickery for poison

On 11.6.2012 04:57 wrote:
I started to advance quite slow.
I find it much easier at these levels with spellcasters than a warrior (this is my first warrior).
Also lack a good bow.
I am being forced to choose between pBld/pConf to other high resist and better gear, but lacking those protections make it very hard.
Just found Holhenneth so considering if to carry it as swap to Dor-Lomin when I am facing blinders/confusers?

Also - do you have any recommendation for a first warrior for these levels? I am especially find it difficult with no spead and no healing spells.

On 11.6.2012 15:56 wrote:
ok - things are improving - killed many uniques, and got many staves of speed for better handling them... feeling like I can start diving to Sauron... any recommendations?

On 11.6.2012 19:26 wrote:
first time dying from stun - this wil never happe again...

On 11.6.2012 23:06 Malak Darkhunter wrote:
I lost a very high powered character once to stun against a master mystic, sucks...sorry for your lost, you were that close to.

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