The Angband Ladder: Menteloth, Half-Elf Ranger by <>

Posted on 16.4.2012 21:21

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9632. on the Ladder (of 18813)
29. on the Quickband Ladder (of 119)
Third best for this player (out of 3)


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On 16.4.2012 21:21 wrote:
Hmm, first _serious_ try in Quickband after some early deaths to get a feeling. Unfortunately, this guy died on the last level by some breaths offscreen (was avoidable, as usual). Turncounts are still far too high, I need to play a little more aggressive. Lurz was pretty easy (apart lots of HP, he has not really a lot to counter, so you just heal and hack). I also learned, that I should much less aim for a maximised char than in traditional Angband, not all resistances seem to be really crucial...

On 17.4.2012 05:46 Antoine wrote:
You do seem well ready for the final fight

On 17.4.2012 05:46 Antoine wrote:
How did you find the half-elf race?

On 17.4.2012 08:41 wrote:
As said, unfortunately I died soon after because of a stupid breath (yes, I should have teleported).

Half-Elf is fun, because you encounter crowds of monsters, but it took me a few tries to get them to a reasonable high level, the initial ones died all early due to some nasty encounters.

And the Ranger played too much as a warrior in critical situations. Will likely try a hack-and-slash character next, mages seem a little in a disadvantage, because you can't build up Int to high enough levels to survive extended fights...

On 17.4.2012 09:48 Antoine wrote:
Caster classes are definitely harder

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