The Angband Ladder: Rogo the Spry, Hobbit Rogue by murphy

Posted on 14.4.2012 07:33
Last updated on 14.4.2012 20:26

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6. on the Competition No.120 Ladder (of 23)


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On 14.4.2012 07:35 murphy wrote:
Rogo the Spry found a flail of slay orc at 650' then promptly ran across an orc pit at 700'. good times, good times

On 14.4.2012 17:05 nppangband wrote:
Nice start!

On 14.4.2012 20:36 murphy wrote:
thanks! was working on clearing a humanoid pit at 2100'. they were dropping some great stuff, but danger level was high, and finally got into too much trouble.

I like how the one ring makes it significantly different from a normal game, because it changes which monsters are the scariest as you keep descending. Rogo the Spry was also enjoying the use of several aggravating artifacts, another benefit to this start.

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