The Angband Ladder: Davy, High-Elf Paladin by serybuff

Posted on 13.1.2012 13:05
Last updated on 15.1.2012 14:06

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3379. on the Ladder (of 18816)
893. on the Angband Ladder (of 6402)
Second best for this player (out of 2)


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On 13.1.2012 13:05 serybuff wrote:
My first max stat character, i've never been so deep before :)

On 13.1.2012 14:29 Cardinal Rob wrote:
You are carrying around a lot of excess spellbooks; Etheral Openings, Godly Insights and so on can't be destroyed by fire so you may as well sell the surplus. Heck, you probably don't need the gold, but it might give you an extra point of speed :-)

On 14.1.2012 01:50 serybuff wrote:
Now i miss only shard resistance ^^ and it seems I can change weapon whenever i'l eventually find a more powerful one :) (hoping not to die in the process)

On 14.1.2012 17:42 serybuff wrote:
Level 49

On 14.1.2012 20:02 serybuff wrote:
First level 50 character :) i'm quite happy

On 15.1.2012 08:07 Estie wrote:
Nice. The only thing your missing for the last fight are sustains.

On 15.1.2012 09:28 serybuff wrote:
Yes, the sustains... which means that i will have to change quite a bit what I am wielding... Also don't i have to find lots of potions?

On 15.1.2012 14:06 serybuff wrote:
Dead :| a single turn in the middle of plasma hounds going downstairs and not recognizing the danger... sigh.

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