The Angband Ladder: Liquido, Hobbit Rogue by Jay

Posted on 14.12.2011 02:02
Last updated on 23.12.2011 05:50

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On 14.12.2011 02:02 Jay wrote:
Yes, I really did leave a PDSM of Craftsmanship at home when I killed Morgoth. Gear that emphasized stealth seemed more suitable for a hobbit. Oh, and it turns out Nenya is pretty nice to take into the last battles when you've been saving up Potions of *Healing* all game.

On 15.12.2011 01:05 Jay wrote:
Also, the high turn count can be accounted for by a pretty conservative style of play for one thing, but I also spent a lot of time enchanting arrows up to at least +13, +13, which involves lots of failed attempts and lots of resting to restore mana. (I got Eowyn up to +15 to hit, too. Every little bit helps.)

On 23.12.2011 05:50 Jay wrote:
I finally hit bottom — tried Deep Descent on dl127 and got "You sense a malevolent presence preventing your descent." Just cleared out a GCV and found Razorback and Thunderfist. The plain gold ring came a bit earlier.

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