The Angband Ladder: Lariev, Half-Elf Possessor by <>

Posted on 3.3.2003 21:57
Last updated on 5.3.2003 21:43

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On 3.3.2003 21:57 wrote:
Got it to lvl 50. Mayby this is the face of a winner.

There was only one strange thing, whenn i did the quest to save Gondolin, I only get 50 HP, and the yellow message say 150??? Is this a bug, or ran I out of luck? Dont hope so ;)

On 4.3.2003 10:11 wrote:
That's because, when you are possessing a creature, you add up your normal HP, A %age of your monsters HP based on your possession skill, and another number, I can't remember right now, and then divide it by 3 to get your HPs.
As the 150 is added to your base hp, it too is divided by 3

On 4.3.2003 10:53 wrote:
Got another body. im playing with The Tarrasque. Has a lot more Hp and a disenchantment breath. But his firepower is very low with only one weapon. Dont know what is better.

I got a nice weard thing. It in the Mathom-house. Can be activated for DEATH. Nice, im not going to try it.

On 4.3.2003 13:06 wrote:
Going to keep Tarras. His defence and HP are great. I dont get below 2000 HP. So the chance on dying is small.

And staffs of Healing heals for +1000 HP. :D

On 5.3.2003 21:43 wrote:
Just killed Ancalagon the Black, It was a princess-quest. Got some new handgear. His body was sadly destroyed by a anoing Chaos Dragon of something else. I wondered how much Hp you get for him. :(

Looking for the One Ring, but cant find it.

On 6.3.2003 22:11 wrote:
m dead :(

i dont have a dumpfile from him :(

i was killed by a Dread in the waterdungeon in the far West. I got in one attack 5000+ damage. I dont get it, how could a Dread do that amount of damage. And it was on dugeon lvl 40 or a little deeper.

is this bug of a explodion death potion??

i hope this never happen again. i was looking for that stupit ring that can destroy the world. And now i still dont know where to find it. *Sniff* *Sniff*

But I will be back...

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