The Angband Ladder: Annaxar, Elf Ranger by bron

Posted on 9.11.2011 19:36

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11. on the Competition No.113 Ladder (of 12)


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On 9.11.2011 19:36 bron wrote:
Haven't found much interesting in the dungeon, but the *stores* have been very good to me: bought a killer long bow and a nice stack of acid arrows. I'd like to get some Resistance before going much deeper. Just found my first artifact, and while it's not particularly interesting, it seemed like a good time to post.

On 10.11.2011 06:23 Gorbad wrote:
I'll buy that bow off you for 36749 gc (It's all my guy has)!

On 10.11.2011 19:01 bron wrote:
Totally stupid death. Wasn't paying attention and an Emperor wight double nether bolted me. I was so annoyed that I forgot to take the final character dump at the tombstone.

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