The Angband Ladder: Ran Xana, Elf Ranger by Gorbad

Posted on 8.11.2011 18:23
Last updated on 10.11.2011 16:46

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9. on the Competition No.113 Ladder (of 12)


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On 8.11.2011 18:25 Gorbad wrote:
I see I can now actually drop the !Detect Invis, hadn't even look at it for a while.

On 9.11.2011 15:57 Gorbad wrote:
It's now getting a bit too scary and I'm forced to use too munch teleportation. It's probably best to slow down a bit until I find more HP, more AC and a better bow.

On 9.11.2011 16:02 Gorbad wrote:
Oh, and Base4 would also help of course... you'd expect an armor of Resistance or Elvenkind to show up somewhere now'ish.

On 10.11.2011 16:45 Gorbad wrote:
BoS +9 and an Armor of Resistance! And the stat potions are also trickling in.

There's the occasional close brush with death (curse you Ethereal Dragons!), but it's manageable.

On 11.11.2011 01:42 fizzix wrote:
Early BoS gives you a great shot at an early finish!

On 11.11.2011 18:47 Gorbad wrote:
Not to worry... :(

Game crashed due to Impact Hound breathing, and when I had to redo the level I was too annoyed and therefore careless and stupid (hey, I'd basically already killed that AMHD right?)...

Too pissed at myself to do a death dump.

On 12.11.2011 04:10 fizzix wrote:
Ouch, AMHDs aren't worth fighting almost ever.

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