The Angband Ladder: Anna, Hobbit Mage by bulian

Posted on 6.10.2011 03:13

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On 6.10.2011 03:13 bulian wrote:
Did something I hadn't done before and that's hit lvl 50 by killing Morgoth. This was my first Anna and third straight win without a character death. Its also probably my most unique kit, with boots of wormtongue, barahir, and two egos. But it worked... I guess Soulkeeper and Gondor will do that for you.

Got a really lucky drop in Aiglos on DL28, which is very light but very damaging, so melee suddenly became an option.

Found a ridiculous single cell vault on DL35 with 19(!) artifacts. Hasted Anna had +16 speed which with some luck was enough to -tele other the few +20 speed uniques. Anna had no object detection during this vault clear.

Gondor is such a good artifact but it doesn't have ESP, so use of a "ESP was necessary. A ring of power would have completed the kit perfectly, and I spent quite some time trying to find one. Eventually found a nice magi cloak with ESP and after killing a few uniques decided to end the search for the rings and go after sauron and morgoth. Obviously Anna could have won long before but she really wanted that ring of power.

Sauron was killed by abusing runes and mana storms. Morgoth was killed in a similar fashion with a good heaping of -annihilation and -drain life thrown in.

On 6.10.2011 04:53 ewan wrote:
Wow; there's the target, huh? Very nice.

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