The Angband Ladder: Lerraldric, RohanKnight Alchemist by <>

Posted on 26.2.2003 16:48

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On 26.2.2003 16:48 wrote:
What is the use of an portable hole???????
Can't do anything with it and there is no merchant class in the version.

On 26.2.2003 17:36 Mars wrote:
YOu can sell it in the BM. By the way, you could save home space by storing essences in staffs/wands. You might lose some when extracting them but for easy to get essences this is nothing to worry about.

On 26.2.2003 17:42 wrote:
That's all you can do with it. :(

And thanks for the advices. Those essence are a real space-takers is your home.

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