The Angband Ladder: Theobob, Dunadan Sage by Roch

Posted on 16.8.2011 10:28
Last updated on 17.8.2011 00:28

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On 16.8.2011 10:28 Roch wrote:
Mostly using shock wave -- that is a killer spell -- with the occasional ice bolt or water bolt. Saw speed boots in town but couldn't afford the million plus gp price.

On 16.8.2011 22:56 Antoine wrote:

On 16.8.2011 23:51 Roch wrote:
Found a chest full of spell books, which gave me Raal's and a bunch of cash.

On 17.8.2011 00:28 Roch wrote:
Well that was silly. I got distracted by one of those active runes that attacks you. This one had a gravity attack and for some reason I decided to try to disarm it. Well, as I was resting between gravity attacks, an AMHD snuck up on me. Never saw it coming. Lesson: ignore those pesky runes.

On 17.8.2011 01:11 Antoine wrote:
A gravity trap is pretty nasty. Did you get much mileage out of Raal's?

On 17.8.2011 01:41 Roch wrote:
A little - rend soul took out a couple of mystics nicely, and I used the ball of light spell (I forget the name) for 144 damage against a blue D to reasonably good effect. The failure rates on the remaining spells in Raal's were a bit high for me to use. Water bolt was becoming useful, but I was still using shock wave and ice bolt as my bread and butter.

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