The Angband Ladder: Coprulu, Half-Troll Mage by Estie

Posted on 8.8.2011 20:27
Last updated on 9.8.2011 07:23

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4765. on the Ladder (of 18806)
1745. on the Angband Ladder (of 6393)
94. for this player (out of 254)


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On 8.8.2011 20:27 Estie wrote:
Mage who had excellent start with westernesse spear, esp hat and speed boots, then got his str swapped with wis and has been finding wis potions around every corner ever since.

The graveyard on he just looted was very profitable...the 2 last missing books, mord and kelek, as well as a mighty crossbow and a decent damage sword with cold immunity, which I dont use yet prefering con + poison res from spear.

On 9.8.2011 00:36 Estie wrote:
Updated. "Use wands", they said to him. He tried. It didnt work well though, untill he found one to his liking: the wand of Ildar.

On 9.8.2011 02:06 Estie wrote:
Checkerboard vault, the snake type.

On 9.8.2011 07:23 Estie wrote:
Uniques were all wand-work.

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