The Angband Ladder: swift, Dunadan Rogue by nic

Posted on 7.8.2011 19:38
Last updated on 19.8.2011 20:48

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On 7.8.2011 19:38 nic wrote:
afraid to go deeper...

On 7.8.2011 22:00 Philip wrote:
No point in stopping now, just dive to 98 and nothing will change anyway.

On 7.8.2011 22:52 nic wrote:
well, I would need a few artifacts first.
not so easy finding vaults though. maybe they come scarce
this time of the year.

time dogs are a pain. what do i do when i run out of banish-scrolls? they are to smart for the zig-zag trick.

On 8.8.2011 09:49 Estie wrote:
You leave the level. Pronto.

On 8.8.2011 19:36 Philip wrote:
The thing is, you don't need artifacts, the difference between dlevel 50 and dlevel 98 is better objects on 98, slightly stronger monsters, more uniques. You're a rogue, so you have good detection and stealth, and can stab sleeping things. Never expect to kill everything you meet. Try to improve your amulet. Int +2 would probably be better.
Last tip, kill Great Bile wyrms, or whatever the Great acid dragon is.

On 12.8.2011 19:38 nic wrote:
still alive. heading for lvl98.

On 17.8.2011 22:47 nic wrote:
still alive. u were right: lvl90+ isn't much harder than lvl50. much better drops though:)

On 18.8.2011 13:20 Thraalbeast wrote:
Cool. My rogue is now pLvl 40 and progressing well too. Could certainly use that axe. Nice. Kit looks good enough to win although you have to remember not having rShard and keep being careful.

On 18.8.2011 22:09 nic wrote:
just got rid of sauron the sorcerer.
"a magic strair appears"

should i go for it? or do i need more stuff...

On 19.8.2011 02:47 Philip wrote:
As long as you remain hasted for the entire fight. First go to town and take all of your consumables. Drop your staves and wands. Get rid of your Restore life levels potions, you can drink a pot of life if you get drained below clevel 50. I am not sure if 12 speed is better than pstun. It depends on what you're more scared of, stun, or double-move after you run out of haste. Personally I'd take the speed. Remember, scroll of teleport should always be used if you need to get away ASAP.

On 19.8.2011 16:47 nic wrote:
first looting lvl100 by teleporting away M (or *Destroy*),
is that an option?

i'd would really like fire resistance, for instance...

On 19.8.2011 19:54 Thraalbeast wrote:
Certainly doable to loot L100 without fighting M. But you have to be vigilant. Once when looting a vault at L100 I felt sure M would stay outside but then suddenly he had found a way to get in there. But at least in 3.2 I actually found it useful to stand in a perfect spot with permawalls and fight him, Summons became a very minor problem.

You might be lucky, but don't expect to find all four base immunities. Also you don't need immunities versus Morgoth as long as you can keep summons away through ?Banish and ?Destruction


On 19.8.2011 19:58 Thraalbeast wrote:
Sure you might find nice upgrades in L100, but in general I think overdoing preparations at this stage will lower your chance to get your first *WINNER* rather than increase it.

On 19.8.2011 20:48 nic wrote:
finally a WINNER!
(lucky me found Morgoth in a vault. It helps...)

On 19.8.2011 21:35 nic wrote:
tnx Philip. as u see, I went for speed. Stunning was no major issue.

I held the fight against Morgoth in a vault corner. Most of the time, there was earthquaked walls shielding me from the summoned monsters.

On 19.8.2011 22:25 Thraalbeast wrote:

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