The Angband Ladder: Riale, Green-Elf Warrior by buzzkill

Posted on 6.8.2011 23:59

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On 7.8.2011 00:13 buzzkill wrote:
A standard roller warrior. I must not play many warriors because they feel kind of foreign to me. Anyhow, this character merited a post simply because I hadn't posted anything FA in awhile.

She never found a decent weapon, but reveled in killing big things, which left her often low on hit points. I didn't realize she had run out of escapes until it was too late. Sloppy play.

Her finest moment came about DL16 or so. She came across a checkerboard room guarded by a skeletal troll. She couldn't kill it, so she let it chase her all the way around the moat. When she got to the doorway and stepped through, she was confronted by another skeletal troll. She phased away into the CB room and zig-zagged to the east. At the eastern wall she found her previously undetected ring of mobility. She then worked her way back west, pillar dancing past both trolls and a zombie to find some other stuff on the west end of the room before teleporting away. Not exactly warrior tactics, but without a warriors weapon, what is one to do?

Level 20 and not a single unique killed, what a waste.

On 7.8.2011 09:52 Nick wrote:
Green-Elf Warrior is a pretty tough character to play. Going north and fighting in the forests a bit might have been a good idea.

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