The Angband Ladder: Bryn, Dwarf Warrior by Rei Tei

Posted on 2.8.2011 22:49

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1115. on the Ladder (of 18816)
159. on the Angband Ladder (of 6402)
Third best for this player (out of 16)


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On 2.8.2011 22:49 Rei Tei wrote:
My first winner--which might be obvious because I decided to wear Morgoth's iron crown. I thought the amazing +125 would make me nearly indestructible and the damage I was able to do skyrocket but didn't. After a year and a half playing this game off and on it feels damn good to finally win though :D

On 3.8.2011 16:53 Philip wrote:
Your abilities didn't skyrocket because improving a stat beyond 18/*** or 18/220 or in some cases even 18/200 is completely useless and doesn't do anything for your stats.

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