The Angband Ladder: Zoron, Kobold Warrior by Quendus

Posted on 20.7.2011 12:05
Last updated on 21.7.2011 18:14

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5265. on the Ladder (of 18817)
2124. on the Angband Ladder (of 6403)
9. for this player (out of 29)


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On 20.7.2011 12:05 Quendus wrote:
This one's not doing too badly.

On 20.7.2011 22:58 Quendus wrote:
found a huge vault, got hungry at the entrance, had forgotten to bring any food... but the stack of !CCW got me halfway through, and that was enough to find some rather nice treasure

On 21.7.2011 15:06 Quendus wrote:
Time to take on Sauron.

On 21.7.2011 17:24 Quendus wrote:
Sauron down, now wondering if I have enough consumables to beat M. Also slightly cagey about doing it with +30 speed and 2.6lb of room to carry stuff...

On 21.7.2011 18:01 Quendus wrote:
Going to have to hope this is enough.

On 21.7.2011 18:14 Quendus wrote:
Left too many uniques alive, and misaimed a -TO. Wouldn't have made that mistake in NPP...

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