The Angband Ladder: Ravhat, High-Elf no-class by <>

Posted on 23.2.2003 12:59
Last updated on 24.2.2003 15:32

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On 23.2.2003 12:59 wrote:
My best try so far. Missing some useful resists, and I'm pretty weak against acid-resisting wall-passers when I'm out of arrows, but otherwise having no real trouble. I'd dive, but I kind of want to play conservatively and see how deep I can get...

On 24.2.2003 04:05 wrote:
Well, I have achieved the near-mythical state of "having finished stat gain," and wondering how fast to dive. I have a quest for Stone Serpents waiting for me on level 52, and (as I expected) having trouble with things like Magma Elementals and Quaker. Everything else is pretty cake, though. Swapping out the Ring of Skill for the Ring of Speed was actually a kind of tough decision, since fighting is one of her weaker skills and critical hits are nice.

On 24.2.2003 04:08 wrote:
I should say, the scrolls of enchant armor in the inventory are for that -14 cap at home. It got corrupted, but is otherwise a pretty nice piece of kit, much better than what I have now.

On 24.2.2003 15:32 wrote:
I'm on fire! Probably updating a bit more often than is strictly necessary... Just offed Saruman, which wasn't so hard at all, which probably means I should be diving faster. Still having trouble with wall-passers, since arrows break so easily. Otherwise, just kind of floating along.

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