The Angband Ladder: Thrith, Dwarf Paladin by Dragonboneman

Posted on 11.6.2011 22:10

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On 11.6.2011 22:10 Dragonboneman wrote:
After a couple of years away from V, I once again felt an intense desire to kill Morgoth. So I did. ;)

Quite an interesting journey through the Pits, as I played much of the early game playing like a priest, using Orb as my main weapon. However I gradually evolved into a melee monster, supported by the Paladin's excellent buffs and healing.

The fight against Morgy wasn't especially scary even though he summoned The Tarrasque, The Phoenix and even Bullroarer.

I just teleported away and let him find me again for more bashing until he eventually fell over.

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