The Angband Ladder: Sonja, Human Barbarian by Antoine

Posted on 17.5.2011 11:04
Last updated on 19.5.2011 12:26

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15090. on the Ladder (of 18817)
98. on the Quickband Ladder (of 119)
15. for this player (out of 33)


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On 17.5.2011 14:09 Philip wrote:
Referring to your previous character. Will it actually work on windows? Last time it couldn't find a certain .dll file and the suggested approach, find it on the internet and download it somewhere failed to work, and it was even complaining about a different dll.

On 18.5.2011 09:02 Antoine wrote:
Hello Philip

These DLL problems are actually pretty common. After the last time, I linked the DLL statically which means there's no need for the user to download it. (This will take effect in v2.0.2.)

However, it's possible that there is a second DLL needed. If so, just let me know the name of the DLL required.


On 18.5.2011 12:51 Philip wrote:
OK, if the problem pops up in 2.0.2 I'll tell you. BTW, it wants KERNEL32.dll, and downloading it into the quickband folder doesn't help.

On 18.5.2011 22:44 Antoine wrote:
I'll look into it

On 19.5.2011 06:07 Philip wrote:

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