The Angband Ladder: Ilmir, Hobbit Rogue by Thraalbeast

Posted on 3.5.2011 17:49
Last updated on 10.5.2011 22:55

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3954. on the Ladder (of 18816)
1224. on the Angband Ladder (of 6402)
10. for this player (out of 46)


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On 3.5.2011 17:49 Thraalbeast wrote:
Still a bit unbalanced but looks good to keep going downwards. Nice weapons, could use lot's of more CON and some STR would be nice. rDis is not key to survival but my kit gets hurt by baddies and unmagic storms so it would be great.

On 4.5.2011 21:38 Thraalbeast wrote:
Very nice upgrades on all accounts. Going down quickly now. Too often I find myself running around with aggravation on and tank'ing all foes. Keep forgetting I'm playing a hobbit rogue, but with so much power...

On 4.5.2011 21:39 Thraalbeast wrote:
... you usually make a mistake :-) but not yet.

On 9.5.2011 22:43 Thraalbeast wrote:
Tank style Hobbit Rogue due to no good shooter and insanely good MoD and Locaber Axe.
Now with nice upgrades. Activation for lvl teleport and heal 1200 hp with only 543 - 772 turns to recharge and some.

On 10.5.2011 22:55 Thraalbeast wrote:
RIP. Was caught in a crossfire of bad breath due to summons and stupidly enough used phase door instead of teleport or level teleport.

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