The Angband Ladder: Fingwin, Dunadan Paladin by ulrichvonbek

Posted on 18.4.2011 04:39
Last updated on 30.4.2011 16:58

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5553. on the Ladder (of 18816)
2246. on the Angband Ladder (of 6402)
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On 18.4.2011 04:39 ulrichvonbek wrote:
I seem to have gotten over the hump of diving w/o rPoison then dying shortly after finding it.

On 20.4.2011 15:16 ulrichvonbek wrote:
Can't decide on equipment, posting for advice.

On 22.4.2011 07:00 ulrichvonbek wrote:
Just found Vilya. Yay!!

On 26.4.2011 01:25 ulrichvonbek wrote:
If the MoD sustained Str, it would be perfect!

On 26.4.2011 02:07 PowerDiver wrote:
Your amulet isn't doing anything important. You can always get sStr from that slot if nothing else shows up.

On 26.4.2011 05:16 ulrichvonbek wrote:
You're probably right on the amulet. The three speed from trickery is probably more important than the difference between 99% and 100% saving throw.

On 30.4.2011 07:01 ulrichvonbek wrote:
Just killed the Tarrasque, had to use a !Mana, but otherwise nothing scarry.

On 30.4.2011 16:58 ulrichvonbek wrote:
My third winner. I feel a little bad about not even taking a swing at Morgoth with that mace, but I needed trickery for speed, and didn't have any good options for sustaining both STR and WIS. I was also relying on _Banish because I was light on scrolls to give me another reason not to melee him.

The only time the fight got dicy was when he summoned D's, used last ?Banish, summoned D's again, including Ancalagon, Banish Evil failed, Summoned Special opponents which included Gabriel. I had one ?Mass Banish, so I'm sure I risked death if Mana Storm, Ancalagon breathes, Gabrial hits with a spell all in one turn, but I didn't have the motivation to gather more consumables. The only time I ever cast Banish Evil was on DL100, but I made heavy use of it during the final fight. Usually when Morgoth summoned undead or Demons. He hadn't summoned anything overly dangerous, but I couldn't shoot him any longer, so I sent everyone away and waited for the main bad guy to return.

All in all, my 3rd winner, the first one to do it without hitting CL50, and the slowest at +22 Perm speed (+23 after I started using up consumables), but my other winners had Ringil and Feanor respectively.

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