The Angband Ladder: Zot, High-Elf Mage by tprice

Posted on 13.3.2011 05:07
Last updated on 22.3.2011 01:21

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On 13.3.2011 05:07 tprice wrote:
OK, that last dungeon level with the Balrog of Moria and his Lesser Balrog followers was VERY nice, well worth the 3 hours of game play as i carefully drew one out of the pack at a time. 2.9 levels of XP, and 9 artifacts and multiple DSMs. Now i just need to figure out what to wear, what to keep and what to sell...

On 13.3.2011 07:27 Timo Pietilš wrote:
Put Caspanion on. There is no contest to that one in your gear. You gain poison resist and +3 CON.

Find better amulet. Use any ring of CON in place of both of your rings.

On 14.3.2011 02:46 tprice wrote:
Took a few more levels but I finally found a better amulet to replace the Amulet of Resistance I've had since DL3! The Amulet of Carlammas with it's +4con will fill in nicely and in the same vault i found TWO RoS+6. Combined with the Scythe Avavir that was dropped a couple levels earlier and Dal-i-thalion that I have had for a while and suddenly I'm feeling pretty good about my permanent speed. Mordenkainen's Escapes was another nice bonus from that vault.

On 14.3.2011 18:59 tprice wrote:
And the next trip down Zot runs across both the legendary Cubragol and BoS +8. I guess the RNG is painted Red for this character because Red ones go Faster! ;-)

As I understand it any speed above +30 isn't much help due to diminishing returns. Therefore I've decided to swap out one of the Rings of speed for Ring of Acid so that my weapon is triple branded. Hopefully ONE of the brands will work on most medium weight opponents and let me save my mana for the bigger threats.

I tried putting on a Con ring but it didn't help my HP any.

I think it's time to start diving even deeper if I can avoid creating any more Excellent levels for a bit. I just need to remind myself that just because I'm fast and powerful HERE that those mythical beasts lurking deeper won't fry me in an instant if I'm not careful.

On 15.3.2011 03:50 myshkin wrote:
You're missing RElec! You might need to wield Amrod and the =Speed +6 instead of Cubragol and the =Acid, at least for now. Also consider carrying Anduril as a swap in case you run into disenchanters, as long as that doesn't open up another resistance hole.

On 20.3.2011 00:37 tprice wrote:
Updating after a few more levels

On 22.3.2011 01:28 tprice wrote:
I find the ladder read out of all the items very handy when trying to figure out a major reshuffle of my equipment. Thus the double post of dumps tonight. :)

I ran into a level with both a Dragon pit and a medium sized vault. I was once again overflowing with Artifacts to juggle once i finished killing off the Wyrms and cleared the vault.

I had to loose the Immunity to Electricity from Taratol but I think the overall improvement in high saves is worth it.


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