The Angband Ladder: Baden, Gnome Rogue by LordHammerschmidt

Posted on 24.1.2011 23:15
Last updated on 29.1.2011 17:08

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4998. on the Ladder (of 18807)
1923. on the Angband Ladder (of 6394)
Third best for this player (out of 9)


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On 24.1.2011 23:15 LordHammerschmidt wrote:
Luckiest character ever. Thorin on Dlvl 11 from Wormtongue. Now to not screw this up.

On 26.1.2011 00:07 LordHammerschmidt wrote:
Using Forasgil until I have enough Str/Dex to make the Trident of Wrath a better option.

On 26.1.2011 02:18 LordHammerschmidt wrote:
Found Caspanion, which is awesome, but now I'm without rFire and rElec. Have to be careful here.

And artifact weapons are falling from the sky. Found Totila, and Balli Stonehand, not that they're any use.

On 26.1.2011 03:31 LordHammerschmidt wrote:
Okay, Dor-Lomin solves the rBase problem. Looking good so far.

On 27.1.2011 02:50 LordHammerschmidt wrote:
Went to Celeborn and the Amulet of Trickery to get some more speed at a loss of about 60 HP until I can find some more !CON. Was using Caspanion and an Amulet of Weaponmastery with rDis.

Still have all the resists covered, but wondering if the HP will come back to bite me.

And that =Dex needs to go.

On 27.1.2011 20:28 LordHammerschmidt wrote:
Diving fast now, wiping out uniques. Easiest fight I've ever had with the Mouth of Sauron.

On 27.1.2011 21:19 LordHammerschmidt wrote:
Shit the Tarrasque is still scary. Breathed Dis three straight times, knocked me down to 40 before I managed to teleport him away. That was too close!

On 29.1.2011 17:08 LordHammerschmidt wrote:
Is this possible? I had 800+ HP, one mana storm, and I'm toast?

On 29.1.2011 17:24 pampl wrote:
It shouldn't be possible; mana storm looks like it's only supposed to do 10d10 + monster level * 5, or about 515 damage in Vecna's case. Maybe it's applying the damage twice for some reason?

On 29.1.2011 17:31 LordHammerschmidt wrote:
That's what I thought. I think there was someone the other day who had a similar experience with a different monster, but the same result? Some very sneaky bug lurking here?

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