The Angband Ladder: Combat Drake, Draconian Weaponsmith by <>

Posted on 6.2.2003 21:17
Last updated on 11.2.2003 17:17

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On 6.2.2003 21:17 wrote:
It is great being a weaponsmith. You can make your own enchantments in already enchanted stuff. It is really great. I wonder if you could enchant Artifacts too.

On 7.2.2003 08:00 wrote:
No, you cannot enchant Artifacts. Look for helm of seeing (+6) (with
telepathy), Elven Cloak of Stealth (+6) etc. instead!

On 7.2.2003 08:00 wrote:
No, you cannot enchant Artifacts. Look for helm of seeing (+6) (with
telepathy), Elven Cloak of Stealth (+6) etc. instead!

On 7.2.2003 09:17 wrote:
Too bad. I thought to enchant The Massive Crown. +125 Speed. You have to get a lot's of Speed essences, but you will have a great amount of speed :D

On 7.2.2003 12:00 wrote:
Finnally got to lvl 30. I hope I will find some pretty need stuff now, so i can make some good stuff better.

On 8.2.2003 00:23 wrote:
Enchanted my Westernesse with a dragon kill. So now I can hit those dragons really hard (:

On 9.2.2003 22:21 wrote:
Another 2 lvls. Only six and he's lvl 40. But I think I need a lot of exp for that. And I want some better amour. Don't find so much good stuff. ):

On 10.2.2003 17:26 wrote:
Just past 1.000.000 exp. I wear now 'Sting' + my old sword. I just have to train my short sword skill now.

On 11.2.2003 08:59 wrote:
Found a really good sword. 10+ speed. I lvl now faster. And the must funny thing was that I got the sword froma scroll 'aquirment'. (:

On 11.2.2003 17:17 wrote:
Got immunity, but wich one is the best, fire, cold, elec ,or acid. Any idee?

On 16.2.2005 14:40 Antiguard wrote:
Even though this is old as hell dump i have to say.. :"IT's so fucken unfair this knucklehead has Ringil!"

Weaponsmiths need some kind of ug/change ... it's no fun having abilities that are just useless (due to artifacts being better than enchanted shit).

On 18.4.2005 03:18 Atriel wrote:
I think the idea of weaponsmiths is to enchant a diamond edge with extra attacks, slay evil, vampiric, ...
THEN it would be better than any artifact. BTW i would not dual wield with them :)

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