The Angband Ladder: Nadia, Hobbit Rogue by nooblet

Posted on 1.1.2011 22:11
Last updated on 2.1.2011 22:29

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11331. on the Ladder (of 18817)
4461. on the Angband Ladder (of 6403)
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On 1.1.2011 22:11 wrote:
First non-competitive character dump I'm trying on here - would like to keep a log of things to keep it interesting. :)

On 1.1.2011 22:18 nooblet wrote:
First attempt at posting a non-competitive character dump. Got a pretty nice drop 2000 turns in - think this one will go far.

On 1.1.2011 22:27 nooblet wrote:
The good news keeps coming - a set of ego gauntlets, with apparent free action as well, at dlvl2.

On 1.1.2011 22:51 nooblet wrote:
End of first run. A bit shallower than I would like.

On 1.1.2011 23:29 nooblet wrote:
Second run - need to pick up base resists and see invis soon.

On 2.1.2011 00:53 nooblet wrote:
Another dive down, another nice ego weapon just in time. Dove down to dlvl20 for a bit, but bumping into zephyr hounds without base resist is no fun. :(

On 2.1.2011 01:35 nooblet wrote:
Cleared a troll pit - not much loot from it, but jumped a few clvls.

On 2.1.2011 22:07 nooblet wrote:
Cripes - Mystic summoned a pack of gravity hounds. If not for the friendly teleport from a Nexus Quylthulg I could have been a dead hobbit.

That's the second time gravity breathers have brought me to near-death - the other being a duel with Kavlax.

On 2.1.2011 22:29 nooblet wrote:
Well that was a stupid death - grr.

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