The Angband Ladder: Wilot, High-Elf Ranger by bulian

Posted on 30.12.2010 00:26
Last updated on 1.1.2011 19:13

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On 30.12.2010 00:26 bulian wrote:
My first reasonable attempt at an ironman game. HE ranger using v3.2. Didn't realize rangers had CLW, which was a nice surprise. Lacking resistances, arrows, -dObj, but have a nice stack of ?Satisfy Hunger and the Phial. Got BoS +7!!! off of one of the orc uniques. Besides that, very boring early game - too many "uninteresting" levels for my taste, but still clearing all levels. Cursed items are painful to deal with - spent 2/3 of the game with a cursed ring and amulet so far.

On 31.12.2010 00:03 bulian wrote:
Making good progress, I think I could take on P with what I have now. Ironman makes inventory decisions much more interesting, such as dropping =acid for a crappy artifact ring with rChaos. 73 uniques taken down, 9700 kills, still no artifact gloves or boots. I did abuse =clone a little bit on some swamp wyrms on DL 77.

On 31.12.2010 23:10 Estie wrote:
More interesting ? I find the decisions in ironman to the contrary very boring. Brutal, but simple. You can carry maybe 2 or 3 swaps, so anything that isnt an immediate upgrade has to go as a rule of thumb.
Compare to the "if I get ESP from amulet, I loose poison resist, so have to use green dsm or those inferior randart gloves, but it would free the head slot for this nice arti with con and Imm acid..."

On 1.1.2011 19:13 bulian wrote:
First ironman win. Last fights with S and P were not bad, though P summoned the 3 big uniques I wasn't able to find (Kronos, Carcharoth, and Ancalagon). After killing P I had some fun with Grond taking them out. I still need to learn to shoot when in melee range, as arrows were doing 1k dmg/rd vs 600 melee.

On 1.1.2011 19:43 Estie wrote:
Congrats :)

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