The Angband Ladder: Telorian II, High-Elf Mage by <>

Posted on 4.2.2003 16:42
Last updated on 10.2.2003 15:50

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10569. on the Ladder (of 18813)
4254. on the Angband Ladder (of 6400)
4. for this player (out of 5)


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On 4.2.2003 16:42 wrote:
The WDSM is annoyingly heavy but massivly useful. It's made clearing out some of the more annoying uniques to this point much easier.

Nothing much else to report. Hopefuly I'll find some better rings in the dungeon or the BM soon.

On 7.2.2003 21:01 wrote:
Slowly decending into stat gain territory. Currently @ 1350'.

The RNG has been smiling upon me for the past few hundred feet. Boots of Speed +8, Thalkettoth and Nimloth give me a permenant speed of +14. :)

I'd really like to find another source of Free Action (some gloves would be great), so I can swap Thorongil for the Cloak of Aman I snagged from the black market.

On 10.2.2003 15:50 wrote:
Hit by a 190 point mana bolt. That really sucked.

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