The Angband Ladder: Onon, Mindflayer High-Mage by <>

Posted on 24.11.2010 11:21
Last updated on 25.11.2010 11:43

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7. on the Competition No.94 Ladder (of 14)


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On 24.11.2010 11:21 wrote:
Long live Troll camps! Now i need some gear.

On 25.11.2010 11:43 wrote:
Instakill! You just cant get enough hp... and not finding the higher resses is annoying too

On 6.12.2010 21:46 Timo Pietilš wrote:

The Lesser balrog casts a plasma bolt.
You feel resistant to fire!

The Lesser balrog breathes fire.
You feel very good.

Comical :).

On 7.12.2010 00:26 Arjen@ wrote:
Never noticed that, its kinda funny yeah ^^ Too bad its around the end of his life.

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