The Angband Ladder: Onon II, Mindflayer High-Mage by Roch

Posted on 23.11.2010 00:28
Last updated on 25.11.2010 10:07

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8. on the Competition No.94 Ladder (of 14)


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On 23.11.2010 00:28 Roch wrote:
Finished the '5' Troll camp quest, but I'm thinking that with these low hp's open quests are too dangerous. Not sure where to go next -- maybe just dive the dungeon in Glineth Keep?

On 24.11.2010 02:39 Mangojuice wrote:
The dungeon in Glineth Keep should bottom out at about level 25. Explore the map, you should find deeper dungeon entrances you can easily access. I'd say look for a '4' or '5'. But beware, don't approach an '8' or '9', the guards could kill you. Go to the map makers in every town that has one.

On 25.11.2010 10:07 Roch wrote:
Starting to feel good about this guy, then I went up against an unknown quantity -- a chaos spawn unique. Instadeath. Never saw a con ring -- that would have helped.

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