The Angband Ladder: Slonkarg IV, Ent Warrior by Slonk

Posted on 8.11.2010 04:25
Last updated on 9.11.2010 01:56

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On 8.11.2010 04:25 Slonk wrote:
Holy ring, Batman! +6 STR, DEX, and CON?!? I'll take the charge draining until I can find a Remove Curse (the store's out)

On 8.11.2010 05:00 HallucinationMushroom wrote:
Charge draining? It zaps your wands and staves to zero? That's nasty stuff... I haven't encountered one of those yet, but I've only played a few 1.1 characters. I'd hold out for a *remove curse* scroll on that one... that's a pretty nice ring.

On 8.11.2010 11:32 Slonk wrote:
As far as I can tell, it gradually drains said wands/staves. Looks like I'll be looking for Rods for the time being.

On 9.11.2010 01:56 Slonk wrote:
Ouchie. Some way OOD baddies in a vault, and me without any detection. Second decent-warrior death to a starburst. Hmmm, wonder if I should be learning anything...

On 9.11.2010 03:36 Fendell Orcbane wrote:
Damn sorry for your loss, I had high hopes for your character. FA seems like a much harder game than Angband... Most of the ladder is made up of dead characters.

I notice that you could have escaped before you got killed. Do you have the low hit point warning set? I used to lose a lot of characters before I started using it. Of course sometimes people ignore the LOW HIT POINT warning anyway, but its nice to have.

On 9.11.2010 04:17 Slonk wrote:
I have it set at 20%. It never went off. Archpriest's starbursts are nasty. Patriarch's are worse. Also note the -10% light resist. No biggie, I'll just roll up another random and keep going. 15+ years in and no wins, but I keep plugging, and I think, getting better.

On 9.11.2010 06:17 Fendell Orcbane wrote:
I have it set for 60%. Do you play Angband at all? I think that you could get your first win easy...then you will have the experience to start winning at will. I hear these stories of people not winning and I almost don't believe them. I know that once I got that first win, I was a lot more confident and that made a difference too. Sometimes I would freakout if I lost control of a situation and that would get me killed. Then again I try to not let greed get the better of me. I just passed a huge vault full of loot, because the Hell hounds guarding it would have killed me...especially since Tele Away doesn't beam like it does in Vanilla Angband.
P.S. I did try to fight the hell hounds but I saw that things weren't going my way, I teleported Lvl and got out of dodge.

Good luck: )

On 9.11.2010 11:15 LostTemplar wrote:
I use colored @ option instead of low hitpoint warning.

On 9.11.2010 12:10 Slonk wrote:
I played Vanilla for quite a while. I like the variants better. I loved playing Ey, and flirted with Z and TOME for a bit. I really like FA, though. Rather keep chugging. Oh, and LT's post clued me in - I do use the colored @. If I had seen the archpriest I would have bolted, knowing I didn't have light resist. If you notice, I have (had) no way of telling what was actually in the vault. I had already taken down a master vampire (~20 levels OOD) that blinked out fairly easily, so my confidence level was fairly high.

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