The Angband Ladder: Nei, Kobold Mage by Estie

Posted on 6.11.2010 18:05

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2905. on the Ladder (of 18806)
702. on the Angband Ladder (of 6393)
24. for this player (out of 254)


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On 6.11.2010 18:05 Estie wrote:
I was ready and prepared for the last 2 fights, ported down and cleared a small pit while waiting for Sauron to appear on radar. In the pit was the one, which prompted me to wor back and re-setup.

On 7.11.2010 05:47 Roch wrote:
Nice find in the One, and nice win. Any trouble with M?

On 7.11.2010 19:53 Estie wrote:
Thanks. Not at all, would have been easy even without the One.
RNG smiled on me again, after about a dozen characters who had a really hard time.

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