The Angband Ladder: Butaliel, Half-Elf Mage by Ycombinator

Posted on 29.10.2010 21:18
Last updated on 3.11.2010 20:05

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6437. on the Ladder (of 18813)
2753. on the Angband Ladder (of 6400)
15. for this player (out of 27)


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On 29.10.2010 21:19 Ycombinator wrote:
Continuing the Benzene Ring series.
Still r2041.

Very slow at the beginning, rested a lot, now catching up a bit.

On 3.11.2010 20:16 Ycombinator wrote:
Victory. Much faster than I expected at the beginning. Actually, I started thinking about fighting Sauron and Morgoth at clvl 44. At that moment I had ~20 !*Healing*, ~20 !RMana, +20 speed and 700+ HP everything a mage needs to win. But I couldn't resist killing a few more uniques on may way down and cleaning one GV, so the last few levels were gained very quickly.

On 3.11.2010 20:24 Ycombinator wrote:
Poor Bill, the stone troll is a victim of collateral damage. He was summonned by Morgoth with a bunch of ice trolls and I started sending mana storms over their heads. 1100 HP is really not enough when great forces collide, and he expired a few turns later.

On 3.11.2010 21:02 Ycombinator wrote:

Total creatures slain: 3516
Dragons: 489, ancient ones 103, including 3 mid-level uniques. 4 dragon pits cleaned. Never bothered with summoners (great wyrms of higher elements).
Greater demons: 22 (without uniques), mostly vrocks. Never bothered even with lesser balrogs, but killed all uniques.

Total artifacts found: 87, not including Morgoth's specials.
From that 21 were dropped by uniques, 48 found on the floor (including 13 in 2 GVs), 1 found in a chest, 16 from monsters, and for one I forgot to make a note. 9 artifacts were dropped by 'd', 3 by 'D', and 1 by 'W', 'O', 'G' and 'p'.

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