The Angband Ladder: Fuivie, Half-Troll Adventurer by thapper

Posted on 26.9.2010 11:43
Last updated on 26.9.2010 16:19

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6. on the Competition No.92 Ladder (of 16)


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On 26.9.2010 11:43 thapper wrote:
My third attempt (out of 20+) to make it anywhere and the first where I remembered to save the progress for the competition. Just found two more magic books so I should be able to make my food and perhaps id (*id*) a bit more.

On 26.9.2010 16:19 thapper wrote:
Argh! Forgot that {unique} things could be cursed and lost so many spell point that I couldn't cast remove curse, and from there it just went downhill...

On 26.9.2010 22:31 Antoine wrote:
oh no! gorlim! thats pretty harsh

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