The Angband Ladder: Direglor, Half-Troll Ranger by AtingtonIV

Posted on 17.9.2010 15:55
Last updated on 18.9.2010 16:07

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On 17.9.2010 15:55 AtingtonIV wrote:
Ok I guess I should explain this one a little bit.
My normal play style for the early game is generally to dive fast. I'm talking magic mapping detecet stairs _summon for exp. and buying the black market out of ?deeo desen't just to read them fast, i think its funny to try to race the borg to certain depths in real time (yet to beet him past about 2500' yet though). But yeah i decided to try seeing what whould happen if i tryed to play like mr. borg does, and because that whould be hiddiously boring early on i switched off shoping and don't plan to learn the i.d. spell when i find that book.
When I say i plan to play like the borg my exact rules are to have all the resists/skills as recomened by the newbie guide on there levals get all the magic books on the first leval there in depth (or earlyer) and kill all uniques at or before there native depth.

Intresting early finds are a staff of ID and a wand of Annihilation. Also sunndenly realised that potions provideing sustinance can be very usefull when i ran out of food but had 80 ClW that had built up (for phase and heel type strats vs early mele uniques). I reaalllly am needing some way to get my con back up as I've got quite a servere number of drains on it allready (there was a chest on 350' that was -con traped, still imho in retrospect it was worth all the disarm failures.
there should definately be a few updates on this guy soon as well a death here whould just be embarasingly awfull. Yeah Random number god, i don't think you can kill me on this level.
Oh no what did i do...

On 17.9.2010 19:58 AtingtonIV wrote:
Ok not much of an update here although my strength before finding a single stat gain potion appart from +1-1's is preety insane, which is good as ive been within 0.3 pounds of burdened for a long time.
Ran out of id again but used the last 2 shots on rings which i really can't afford to use id untill i find a !rcurse.
haveing to make some very hard throws but lets face it i don't need a full stack of csw and i don't have a house (is it a bug that selecting no shopping locks the frount door on your house?).
Haveing a break now since I'm seriously annoyed with ulfang, i meen in this many game turns its expectable that most people whould be either *winners* dead or on 4900' if there scared morgy, since he decided to get scared and run off. Into a slime pit, yeah and he dosen't seem to wan't to be pulled out might be in the best intrests of my stats to just reload the leval and start the hunt again.

On 18.9.2010 02:32 AtingtonIV wrote:
game just crashed, i should be able to fix it the save seems fine appart from the level data which has got messed up (not a game related bug another program caused BSOD while it was saveing... talk about luck) so no more updates for today, but safe to say ive completely lost it, I just cleared an orc pit useing a spade.

On 18.9.2010 14:19 AtingtonIV wrote:
Ok so i decided to drop the all books on time rule as m.b.3 dident show up for ages (but boy am i glad im not playing a priest about 20 p.b.1 and 4p.b.3 and no p.b. 2 yet...).
Haveing to really consider junking artifacts now in all honesty I'm never going to use that spade again (i REALLY wish i had a working house right now crap randarts *heeling* life and slime mold is all i ever use it for).
Found 3 stat pots so far (all CHR not that you whould guess) but my stat gain appart from wis and chr is going pretty well regardless as ive quaffed a *LOT* of +1-1 thingys.
just run out of id again after electing to use it on two pairs of ego boots to decide witch to use (both feather falling...) so i realllly whould like another staff soon.
Playing like this has been interesting so far- as you can imagine everything that can spawn OoD has done so allready, so i am haveing to stay on guard, plus im haveing to be very carfull not to take even tiny risks- well he could score 4 consecutive criticals hit a double move on my -1 speed and hit another four and when im looking at a mid 8 digit turncount game i am going to have to get into the habbit of being very very very carfull. also out of 3 offensive artifacts ive found so far all three had +dig, but hey on randart games i NEVER useually find art's untill ive passed statgain.
the 'triky id' aspect of this game really is a fun one and i am looking into writeing an option that remmoves ?id ?*ID* _id ?recharge from shops and rods of id and recharge alltogether as well as changeing the id spell in the books to a pack and local area strong psedo id spell.
Any advise as to what to throw - considering junking the spade mabby one of the body armours and the ?csw.

On 18.9.2010 16:07 AtingtonIV wrote:
I got an immunity ^_^ will NOT be junking that any time soon, but probably won't be wearing it for a long time to come. Still no book 3 and Ill be reaching the book 4 finding levals soon (not to mention i allready found and lost one grrrrr).
got to have a break now as i just had to resign a lush looking greater vault to white lice blocking off some nexus houds yeah basicly couldent pull properly as the entire valult was full of breeders.
*vote for breeder free genteration in greater vaults*

On 18.9.2010 18:53 AtingtonIV wrote:
basicly I detected and saw bill ran over to him and dident redtect to notice that in the room just behind me ( out of initial scan radius was tom. got cross and diden't escape. darn.

On 18.9.2010 19:08 AtingtonIV wrote:
The Pair of Steel Shod Boots 'Saewe' [7,+15]
+10 strength, speed.
Provides resistance to fire, cold.
Cannot be harmed by acid, electricity, fire, cold.
Grants telepathy.

Min Level 48, Max Level 127, Generation chance 5, Power 378, 5.4 lbs

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