The Angband Ladder: Fingon, Dwarf Adventurer by Roch

Posted on 16.8.2010 22:43
Last updated on 17.8.2010 03:00

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30. on the Ironband Ladder (of 81)
131. for this player (out of 145)


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On 16.8.2010 22:43 Roch wrote:
This character name was randomly generated, but he's living up to it so far. Just found a ? of acquirement, which gave Hithlomir. Found an artifact pike a while back, but I'm too short to use it :-( so I gave it the heave-ho. AGI is maxed, now pumping DEX to get 3 blows.

On 16.8.2010 23:29 Antoine wrote:
It's a big name to carry.

Are you getting much mileage out of sleep and confusion?

On 16.8.2010 23:51 Roch wrote:
No, I haven't used either one yet. I'll start experimenting with them to see if they have even the marginal utility that I think they have. But if something better comes along first they are among the first things to go.

On 16.8.2010 23:59 Antoine wrote:
Hint, they are more effective against some kinds of monsters than others.

On 17.8.2010 03:00 Roch wrote:
On my way to a small vault I took on a small group of ice ogres. I ignored a few stun warnings and before I even realized it I was knocked out. Didn't know that could happen. So sad -- this guy was doing alright otherwise. I had just gotten his luck up a bit and was looking forward to using some of those *id* scrolls.

On 17.8.2010 03:16 Antoine wrote:
Ice ogres are actually quite nasty of a melee based opponent.

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