The Angband Ladder: Nowherebeard, Longbeard Warrior by HallucinationMushroom

Posted on 13.8.2010 02:49
Last updated on 14.8.2010 03:50

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4516. on the Ladder (of 18816)
62. on the FAangband Ladder (of 494)
8. for this player (out of 47)

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On 13.8.2010 02:49 HallucinationMushroom wrote:
I've been telling my daughter FAangband stories to put her to sleep, and they work remarkably well. Goodnight moon sucks. Goodnight Ancalagon works much better. ... And lo the powerful Daddy swung the two handed flail with might, and because his dexterity was that of the gods, and based on the strength to dexterity to weight of weapon ratio, verily did he get 4 attacks per round and with luck or glitch, could still shield bash that nasty fiend, brought him crashing down. And the random number generator said, let there be artifacts.

If my wife needs sleep she asks me to explain some nuance of Angband that I know and because her memory is so much better than mine I think she knows more about how Angband works than I do... if what I'm telling her is right in the first place. :)

Apparently angband mechanics are good at putting daughters to sleep too. Those of you with kids who you tell stories to, skip mother goose and try mother Thuringwethil instead... I find that it works much faster.

On 13.8.2010 03:30 Nick wrote:
Teaching the young the ways of truth leads to a better world.

On 13.8.2010 04:56 Antoine wrote:
If you tell her about that 2d17 lance she will cry!

On 13.8.2010 07:01 Djabanete wrote:
My dad put me on to roguelikes when I was 5, I think. I didn't actually want to play, I just wanted to look over his shoulder as he killed acid blobs and robbed shopkeepers and avoided cockatrices.

16 years later and look at what a fine young man I've become =p

On 14.8.2010 03:50 HallucinationMushroom wrote:
Man, this fight with Morgy was really really tough! He managed to summon the strongest remaining uniques off the bat, Qzlzlzlzpup, Omarax and Ungoliant, and proceeded to continually surround me with badass capital D's. If you've got a capital D in FAangband you better watch out, they earned that upper case.
I spent through umpteen hundred (~16) major healing potions, 20 teleports, 12 speed potions and some fingernail as I got toward the very end of what I thought was a ludicrously high major potion count. My first victory over Morgoth consisted of having no greater healing, and subsequent victories were made easy by runes of protection... which Morgy snapped almost immediately this go around. Morgy now eats through rock in something like a 2 square radius as he stalks you down... it's very intimidating, badass and effective for eliminating cover.

I thought I was about to deal the killing blow so I called my wife and daughter in to watch, and my wife noticed the word 'Dad' spelled out on the screen so I grabbed a screenshot. It turned out that I needed another 10 minutes to win, which is an interesting task to do while being peppered by questions from an inquisitive 2 year old who likes to click the mouse and press the keys. Morgy summons family. Mwu haha.

Morgy's mistake was summoning the Queen ant who managed to fill in a corner of the map with lots of ants which kept him from surrounding me with all those damn Dragons. I had him down to 2 stars for what seemed like a long time, because I could never get a chance to risk attacking for fear of all those dragons breathing on me at once.

I'm currently trying to find some sort of glitch in Nan Dungortheb to find Nowhere Town so I can retire Nowherebeard properly, but with no success so far.

The no-wilderness option is interesting... skipping some work up front is nice, but having 3 travelling merchants working full time toward the end-game is probably easier... or at least quicker. I lamed out and bought out the stationary-merchant until I had my 18 potions of major healing, which no-doubt inspired the rng to send me all those dragon summons.

I talked about FA last night till my throat got sore. I started with the first version I played, and noted the major changes in each subsequent version. Part of me will always be partial to o.1.2, back when you could kill the complainer with many repeats and its incredibly difficult wilderness... hell, just getting to Amod Rudh was cause for major celebration... but it seems like all the versions have their charm. Cheers Nick, hopefully I still have the chops to find a hole to Nowhere Town.

On 15.8.2010 06:04 Nick wrote:
I made FA in the first place for my own reasons. Having it enjoyed by others is beyond anything I imagined. Thanks. *snif*

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