The Angband Ladder: Uthil, Dwarf Priest by ewert

Posted on 25.7.2010 11:57
Last updated on 26.7.2010 20:56

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4245. on the Ladder (of 18816)
1392. on the Angband Ladder (of 6402)
13. for this player (out of 21)


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On 25.7.2010 11:57 ewert wrote:
I'm soooo waiting for the RNG to throw me a curveball and kill this char. =P Great luck with randarts lol.

On 25.7.2010 16:14 ewert wrote:
It keeps on getting worse, the RNG threw me THAT weapon. =P Is that what, Bladeturner artifact? =)

On 26.7.2010 17:17 ewert wrote:
Okay, think I'm ready for Sauron and Morgoth? Lols. :)

Hunting the rest of uniques first though. :) Then scrounge some slay evil ammo. =P

On 26.7.2010 19:35 fizzix wrote:
oh my. a x6 long bow with +37 to_dam. You don't need slay evil ammo. Normal seeker arrows will be doing 300-400 damage.

On 26.7.2010 20:56 ewert wrote:
Played with my modded object rarity file. Played quite nicely, not really diving, not really needing to farm that much (though I just went for insane gear in the end, farmed a bit :)). But consumables were pretty okay, even maybe plentiful as can be seen. =) But personally I really liked this way rather than having to farm ...

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