The Angband Ladder: Astiravudd, Wood-Elf Archer by Slow

Posted on 16.7.2010 20:15
Last updated on 17.7.2010 20:45

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On 16.7.2010 20:15 Slow wrote:
Probably my best character so far in ToME. Why I had to go and enchant the Dark Sword I don't know... Accidentally entered Deathwatch through a shaft and had to leave quite a lot of stuff on the ground because of insufficient Identify and weak pseudo. As may be guessed I aspire to become an antimagician at some point in the future.

On 17.7.2010 12:23 AnonymousHero wrote:
If you end up having difficulty finding a Dark Sword (+0,+0), you can always find a Disenchanter mold (around dlvl 20, iirc), take off all your other equipment and stand next to it. (Obviously, you'll want to make sure there are no traps or other monsters about first.)

On 17.7.2010 20:45 Slow wrote:
Indeed I've been looking for a safe disenchanter for the sword but haven't found one yet. Found some pretty neat stuff, would be perfect if the armour of Resistance was a shield instead but I now have the most important resistances covered anyway.

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