The Angband Ladder: Short Stack, Dwarf Warrior by Shinedog

Posted on 16.7.2010 03:03
Last updated on 26.7.2010 02:04

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On 16.7.2010 03:03 Shinedog wrote:
Dwarf warrior. Some detection would be nice. Found an interesting vault (a big oval with a path winding around and around to the center), but there was not much in the vault in the way of treasure or monsters. Any advice for Mim, still getting used to FA.

On 16.7.2010 04:18 Nick wrote:
Decent RAcid is the big thing you need. !RAcid&Elec and !Speed will probably do you, if you don't mind stuff getting disenchanted - I'd be inclined to take off Colannon for the fight.

On 16.7.2010 11:15 Seany C wrote:
Are these two related? :)

On 16.7.2010 15:26 Shinedog wrote:
Update after looting a greater vault. Haul from one of the chests in the vault was 3 (yes, 3) special weapons (Rog, Totilla and Turmil). I once had an NPP chest that gave me 2 speed rings +11, but this may be the best chest since. By the way, the greater vault seemed surprisingly under populated (except for annoying breeders). Anyway, I think Rog is a significant upgrade. Any recommendation for which weapon to whack Mim with?

On 16.7.2010 15:28 Shinedog wrote:
Seany C - Hopefully I can make it as far as your Shortstack.

On 16.7.2010 16:28 Psi wrote:
Unless you can get rDis, then use something you don't mind getting disenchanted - preferably with slay_evil as Mim is immune to the elements. I'd guess Totila is your best bet.

If available use !speed, !Berserk, !Heroism, !rAcid+Elec, ?PfE and ?HolyPrayer and it should be straightforward...

On 16.7.2010 20:42 Shinedog wrote:
With Psi's advice Mim was a pushover. I just wailed away with an HA sword that I picked up. He only hit once to disenchant, and it wasn't anything significant.

Any suggestions on the specialty to take. I am trying to select between Fast Attacking and Armsman.

On 16.7.2010 23:04 LostTemplar wrote:
Both have small effect, but fast attacking slightly better with your current weapon. If you want to max out melee damage you need them both anyway.

On 17.7.2010 18:17 Shinedog wrote:
Cleared a dragon pit. Found Orome and Camelbag. Now comes the question, Orome or Rog? Also, what are "chaotic effects" from weapons of chaos?

On 17.7.2010 18:43 AnonymousHero wrote:
Chaotic weapons can have various (mostly detrimental, IMO) effects on the critters you hit. It can heal them 50%, damage them 33%, polymorph them, blink them away, turn them into trees, slow them, haste them, etc. etc. This happens 10% of the time (per blow).

On 19.7.2010 02:31 Shinedog wrote:
Boots of Speed +7. Thank you Major Demon pit. I also have all resists covered now. This is my deepest ever in FA (I have won in V & NPP). Anything special about FA I should know as I get deeper?

On 19.7.2010 05:11 Nick wrote:
Watch out for winged dragons...

On 19.7.2010 11:46 LostTemplar wrote:
Yes, they have nice loot, so dont miss them. With your 85% r.elec you probably will survive one strom breath. And dont forget, you cannot destruct or genocide in vaults, so dont die to this.

Black reavers and nightwalkers are very nice. They have loot and dont have any fire or acid inventory destructing attacks, along with greater titans they may be your best farm at some point (when you are sufficently powerfull in melee and have 180+ armor, so they will not hurt you too bad)
Storms of unmagic may be nasty and worth destructing on sight.

On 20.7.2010 03:19 Shinedog wrote:
Ungolient is down. After I killed him, I took the stairs and ended up in Nowhere Town. I recalled and remembered not to overwrite my recall point. I did not really enjoy all of the wilderness levels leading up to Ungolient. I just don't have the feel for those yet.

What is the deal with the Artifact Sets? How many pieces in the sets, what do they do? Does a partial set convey any benefit?

On 20.7.2010 05:37 Shinedog wrote:
HELP!!!! After visiting Nowhere Town after killing Ungoliant, I can't recall to Nan Dungortheb Level 70. Do I have to walk all the way back down 70 levels? Can anyone help?

On 20.7.2010 09:58 LostTemplar wrote:
hmm, I had managed to overcome this once, if I remember correctly, I went downstairs from town to dlvl 1, then recalled without overwiritting recall point, and then one more recall got me to dlvl 70.

On 20.7.2010 10:29 Nick wrote:
If this doesn't work, send me the savefile - I should be able to fix it.

On 20.7.2010 16:06 Shinedog wrote:
Thank you LostTemplar. Your instructions worked. Walk downstairs to DL1. Recall. Don't overwrite recall point. Then recall from town back to DL 70.

On 21.7.2010 16:19 Shinedog wrote:
Getting stronger and deeper. Just need to avoid doing anything terminally stupid.

On 21.7.2010 18:10 Shinedog wrote:
Brown dragon/mesmer drake pit was lots of fun and very profitable. Plus the breath has no effect upon all the loot.

On 21.7.2010 18:20 LostTemplar wrote:
Green & gold dragon pits are good for you too. Nice resists BTW, 5 more speed and you are ready for big boss.

On 21.7.2010 20:54 Shinedog wrote:
What is M's speed in FA? Isn't it 30 like NPP and V?

On 21.7.2010 22:36 LostTemplar wrote:

On 21.7.2010 23:58 Nick wrote:
Yes, very nice kit. You might even be ready, if you switched in Orome.

On 22.7.2010 17:29 Shinedog wrote:
Dropped down to Sauron's level. Do I have to kill him, or can I just bypass him and keep going down to the bottom of Angband? Is there any special benefit (like Ungoliant's cloak) for taking out Sauron. I don't have any acid brand ammo, so I guess I will switch Rog for something with Slay Evil and whack him with that.

On 22.7.2010 17:31 Shinedog wrote:
I'm also a little short on healing. I will have to buy out the Traveling Merchant a few times.

On 22.7.2010 18:16 LostTemplar wrote:
Only benefit is that he will not be summoned in final fight.

On 23.7.2010 23:44 Shinedog wrote:
I am just about feeling ready to take a run at the big guy. Just one decent speed ring and/or a ring of power and I should be ready to go. I found a great 2d17 lance with Slay Evil.

I have found the items that make up the Ulmo armor set. What benefit do I get from wearing a complete set? I put it on and can't discern what is differnt.

On 24.7.2010 02:12 Shinedog wrote:
Also, I have found a potion of blood mastery that, according to the description, turns one into a vampire. What are the pros and cons of drinking that potion?

On 24.7.2010 02:55 Nick wrote:
The bad news is that decent speed rings - and probably rings of power - are very rare. The good news is that Morgoth is speed +25 in FA.

Vampires have lots of advantages - the only disadvantages are less RLite, and less accurate ranged combat.

On 24.7.2010 03:22 Shinedog wrote:
Recently found Cubragol, so unhasted speed is now up to 17. So I haste to plus 27 (and even more with Fury). As I do very little ranged combat at this point, I think I will drink the potion and see what happens.

On 24.7.2010 07:20 Shinedog wrote:
I think it is time to do it. I am going to buy out the traveling merchant a bunch of times for a little more destruction, *healing* and buffs and then drop down to 100 and take on the big guy. I have never meleed him before. Always used archery in the past, but I am going to try it here. I guess it will be important to do it in a destructed area to break up LOS. Any other recommendations? Time for bed. I don't want to do this when tired.

On 24.7.2010 09:43 LostTemplar wrote:
Destructed area is nice if you want to phase before heal. Summons will surround you anyway, so just use genocide scrolls.

On 26.7.2010 02:04 Shinedog wrote:
Am I ready for M? I have 20 ! of *Healing*, 3 Healing, access to a bunch of CCW, 15 ?Destruction, 11 ?Genocide, 20 ?Mass Genocide and 30 !speed. I have base speed of 16 or 17 depending on how I configure gear, so when hasted I am faster than M. I also have a 2d17 lance of Slay Evil that I will wield instead of Rog for the final fight.

On 26.7.2010 02:20 Nick wrote:
I think you'll annihilate him, and I think it's hard to be much readier. But don't blame me if you die horribly.

On 26.7.2010 10:03 LostTemplar wrote:
Only thing you miss is the staff of winds, but you are ready anyway, just dont die horribly.

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