The Angband Ladder: Gilin, Dr['u]adan Warrior by LostTemplar

Posted on 6.7.2010 16:47
Last updated on 13.7.2010 14:46

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2309. on the Ladder (of 18816)
12. on the FAangband Ladder (of 494)
Second best for this player (out of 33)


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On 6.7.2010 16:47 LostTemplar wrote:
Complainer dropped +10 speed boots :)

On 6.7.2010 20:40 LostTemplar wrote:
This character never use any weapon, melee or ranged, not even picked up a single one.

On 6.7.2010 23:57 Nick wrote:
+10 !

On 7.7.2010 06:33 HallucinationMushroom wrote:
I bet he complained that the laces were too short, and they were a foul orange striped nightmare.

On 7.7.2010 11:37 Psi wrote:
I was staggered by your claim until I realised you were using martial arts...

An excellent start again.

On 14.7.2010 00:38 Nick wrote:
Nice work. Again :)

On 14.7.2010 09:55 Psi wrote:
Well done! That's the first wilderness ironman winner from a difficult starting town.

On 14.7.2010 10:24 LostTemplar wrote:
With so powerfull race and lucky drop from complainer start was easy, also martial arts seems overpowered with all this confusing and stunning every round, so late game was easy too. Even monsters with "cannot be stunned" in description can be stunned by martial arts attack.

On 14.7.2010 12:47 Psi wrote:
Interesting - I've never used martial arts outside of druids and even then I think I was using a weapon by the end game (found Ringil I think). I should try it some time.

On 14.7.2010 13:00 LostTemplar wrote:
It is possible to clear a greater titan pit with martial arts and never heal, it is just fun, but good slaying weapon is probably better against winged dragons, and other no_conf monsters, but constant stunning still helps here. Druids are way weaker then warriors in terms of chance to confuse and stun monsters with martial arts.

On 15.7.2010 10:17 LostTemplar wrote:
Summary of bugs, encountered in this game:
1) Monsters with "cannot be stunned" in description can be stunned
2) Dungeon guardians killed on dlvl 100 create a down stair
3) Sometimes a copy of inventory slot is generated on the ground
I have seen this at least once in destructed area, so it was not generated at level creation nor was a monster drop.
4) Sauron did not shapeshift on dlvl 100 , it seems to be fixed in normal games but not in ironman, or maybe just luck.

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