The Angband Ladder: Remix, Kobold Mage by nullfame

Posted on 3.7.2010 00:56
Last updated on 4.7.2010 18:05

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16468. on the Ladder (of 18813)
5781. on the Angband Ladder (of 6400)
22. for this player (out of 37)


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On 3.7.2010 00:59 nullfame wrote:
dl17, cl13, @80K

Still in the midst of my first dive. Usually I would have already returned. I better not lose this ?recall :)

Bullroarer dropped a shovel of digging and a blessed halberd with ESP. Hell yeah. I am too weak to use it but assume that only means the -10 toHit. Probably my fastest ESP ever. Need to remember to swap it out when throwing !oil and my (+5, +5) pebbles that have kept me alive since dl2.

On 4.7.2010 18:05 nullfame wrote:
dl30, cl18, @143K

Running to the stairs I double-tapped a direction key thinking the Colbran wouldn't make it around the corner. Wrong.

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