The Angband Ladder: Rostar, High-Elf Warrior by LostTemplar

Posted on 1.7.2010 21:39

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On 1.7.2010 21:39 LostTemplar wrote:
Trying wilderness ironman, seems harder then dungeon at least for high elves. This one even found some nice items but was surrounded by naga swarm, confused and killed.

On 1.7.2010 23:41 Nick wrote:
Much harder - hard start with no retreat, and less levels before you get to Morgoth.

On 2.7.2010 12:25 Psi wrote:
I'd go as far to say that wilderness ironman is harder for all classes - except maybe Ents who can exploit their superstealth in forests. Corridors make life a lot easier! You also sacrifice extra specialities in all but a few cases.

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