The Angband Ladder: Darin, Dwarf Priest by Pete Mack

Posted on 26.6.2010 08:23
Last updated on 27.6.2010 10:01

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7. on the Competition No.89 Ladder (of 11)


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On 26.6.2010 10:41 Pete Mack wrote:
After selling Glaive of Westernesse for Hat of Seeing, Ring of FA, and Boots of Speed(+6) in the black market.
A good trade...

On 27.6.2010 02:50 PowerDiver wrote:
Not for the shop keeper! Value pricing is seriously broken.

On 27.6.2010 10:01 Pete Mack wrote:
CL 35 is huge... Clairvoyance even at 50% fail is all kinds of win in a game based on player turns.

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