The Angband Ladder: Auron, High-Elf Warrior by LostTemplar

Posted on 14.6.2010 17:54
Last updated on 23.6.2010 16:27

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On 14.6.2010 17:54 LostTemplar wrote:
One more ironman survived so far to kill mim.

On 15.6.2010 12:35 LostTemplar wrote:
Found missile branding ring, playing like an archer now. No escapes at all, so going as slow as possible.

On 15.6.2010 12:37 Psi wrote:
That's new - by using dungeon mode ironman you can now start with any character without the penalty of starting location. That should make things easier.

Good going so far!

On 17.6.2010 19:59 LostTemplar wrote:
Found some telepathy and destruction.

On 18.6.2010 12:01 LostTemplar wrote:
Got everything except consumables, dont even need unlight cloak, only dlvl 63 so far.

On 18.6.2010 16:36 Nick wrote:
And the Staff of Winds - one of my favourite items.

On 21.6.2010 23:15 LostTemplar wrote:
Tol in gaurhoth levels were too hard to do something, filled with hounds and ghosts, I just skipped them to kill Sauron.

On 22.6.2010 11:00 Psi wrote:
Impressive work.

You've inspired me to start playing Ironman again! Whilst the start seems a lot easier in dungeon mode rather than the wilderness I was used to, I don't relish the thought of having to go through TIG! Not surprised you skipped those levels.

On 23.6.2010 16:27 LostTemplar wrote:
Eventually found many slay evil and holy might bolts and cubragol, so final fight was easy, no melee at all, only used about half missiles I had. Banish evil was enough to counter summons, not even had to use single genocide scroll. Staff and rod of helaing were allmost enough, only used one potion. Staff of winds also helped alot.

On 24.6.2010 10:11 Nick wrote:
Nice win.

What is the most speed you have seen on a ring since the new jewellery came in?

On 24.6.2010 10:54 LostTemplar wrote:
I had somthing like +9, but that ring had many vulnerabilities and curses. Somthing about +3 or +4 on typical useful ring. I think vanilla style RoS +16 should not exist ever. Speed have to be hard to obtain, otherwise game become too easy. I like everything about jewellery except activations, IMHO they should be limited by item level, so powerfull activation cannot be found too early, and also cannot be used by characters with low device skill.

On 24.6.2010 11:42 Psi wrote:
Congratulations! Any ironman win is a great achievement.

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