The Angband Ladder: Aeri, Human Paladin by Zikke

Posted on 21.5.2010 07:26
Last updated on 21.5.2010 20:10

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2855. on the Ladder (of 18813)
684. on the Angband Ladder (of 6400)
Second best for this player (out of 36)


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On 21.5.2010 07:26 Zikke wrote:
After playing so many randart games, I wanted to go back to standarts and try to find them all! I picked a paladin (because they never die and can wade through anything with the right kit) and got started.

I immediately knew this character's luck had promise as I found a ?Aquirement that gave me Amras at dlvl 25, a =Speed +8 around the same time, and Boots of Speed +8 before dlvl 30, and then the boots of Feanor all in rapid succession.

And clearly things are still going well...

Skip forward several levels, I have 2/3 rings of power, Deathwreaker, the Palantir, Cubragol, Soulkeeper, and several other pieces.

I've put on my "aggravate" set and am going to town. I kinda feel like Morgoth crashing through walls and just wading into the fray. I am doing about 1500 damage per round vs. undead and almost 1100 per round vs. dragons, so farming artifacts is a breeze.

I have been diving down but I found all this stuff before I have even gotten to Sauron...

On 21.5.2010 07:46 Zikke wrote:
Ooookay I just stood in a big room full of summons (including dragons and multi-hued hounds) and took down Carcharoth, Huan, and Maeglin at the same time......

At this point the only thing I gotta watch out for are mana storms.

On 21.5.2010 08:05 Zikke wrote:
I found the Shield of the Haradrim so now I get 6 blows with Deathwreaker, and do close to 1800 damage vs. undead.

Sauron went down in 9 rounds with 2 heals.

On 21.5.2010 08:21 Zikke wrote:
Most anti-climactic fight ever. Beat on Morgoth while healing until he summoned enough things to worry me, teleport away, rinse repeat. I didn't use any consumables (didn't think that would happen without a mage).

On to dlvl 127!

On 21.5.2010 22:11 Ycombinator wrote:
I wonder what is your quest now. Uniques, artifacts, The One, high exp?

On 21.5.2010 22:53 Zikke wrote:
I made this character to try to find as many of the standard artifacts as I could. In the process I'll probably spike xp, but I'm starting to lose faith that I will find the couple notables at the top (Bladeturner, One Ring), even though everything dies instantly.

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