The Angband Ladder: Cuar, Beorning Warrior by Matthias

Posted on 9.5.2010 03:12
Last updated on 9.5.2010 05:42

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On 9.5.2010 03:16 Matthias wrote:
Amulet of doom gives +/- 0 in battle stats and the 60% dark should prevent blinding from darkness right? The ring is cursed to sometimes strongly aggrevate.

Highlight so far is obviously the rod of perception. 3% chance to use in bear form, somewhat better in normal form.

On 9.5.2010 04:27 Nick wrote:
Yes, 20% or better resistance in any element gives immunity from the effects.

On 9.5.2010 05:42 Matthias wrote:
Some Druid blinded me, then summoned a pack of something unknown (I guess spiders) that kept me blind and confused for two turns, then they threw the dice on who would get the killing blow.

The doom amulet turned out to have hallucination as well so I tried to uncurse it without success :)

On 10.5.2010 13:03 Matthias wrote:
btw: this one was accidently played without autoscum. I loaded the PLAYER.prf from my test character but didn't notice autoscum was set to yes. Next guy will have autoscum on

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