The Angband Ladder: Brashak, Troll Swordmaster by <>

Posted on 24.1.2003 15:47

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On 24.1.2003 15:47 wrote:
After 5 years of playing angband and being, for the most part, quite unsuccessful at it, I tried my very frist warrior-type class. Brashak was my best charcter to date.

RIP Brashak

On 24.1.2003 15:50 wrote:
Please also note the weapon in the Mathom-house at the end of the dump...

Narathim was one kick-ass 'random artifact' weapon. several slay, a couple brands, and a few nice "bonus features." I almost cried when it got shattered by a trap. I used it to get me to Clvl 20 or so.

On 24.1.2003 15:56 wrote:
A few more things I just remembered: :)

- check out his armour, the fire immunity's nice.

- he died stupidly while trying to do the poisned water quest. I could've pulled out at any time, but I had gotten too used to being invincible and wasn't watching my hitpoints and... the next thing I knew, WHAM! I'm seeing the tombstone.

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